Royal MH Company started its activity in 1993

In its first beginnings, our company started selling sweeten frozen foods, mainly ice creams. These products were distributed from Italy into the Albanian Market.

Main Objective of Royal MH

The future goal of the ROYAL Company will be the production in country of some of the products that the company sells, giving this way a precious contribution to the strategies of the developing Albanian economy.

Who are We

Founded in 1993, Royal MH, started with the distribution of frozen foods from Italy, mainly ice cream and other sweetened milk-based products and portion sized desserts.

What We Do

Today as a leading food distribution company in Albania, with more than 25+ of the Europe’s most recognized food brands in its portfolio, Royal MH counts more than 4000 clients.

Where We Are

Royal MH is a company based in Tirana Albania, which distributes unique, top-quality foods in every city in Albania counting more than 4000 clients.

Our Goal

Doing business while doing good, is the core value of our company, making us proud of our work leading us to always follow the same tradition of competence, passion and integrity.

Our Vision

Royal MH, offers and will continue to serve to its customers an unparalleled choice of foods, bringing the joy of healthy meals in every Albanian family.

Contact Us

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