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Royal MH is a company based in Tirana, Albania.

Founded in 1993, Royal MH, started with the distribution of frozen foods from Italy, mainly ice cream and other sweetened milk-based products and portion sized desserts. The very first clients of our company were restaurants and bars. Collaboration with them allowed us to extend into the distribution of fruit juices and frozen vegetables. In 1998, we had more than 5 food brands and started to serve in small markets and supermarkets of every city in Albania.

From a modest beginning, we have consistently grown and diversified, leaving every customer along the way satisfied because of our effective business partnerships built on trust, integrity and mutual benefit.

Today as a leading food distribution company in Albania, with more than 25+ of the Europe’s most recognized food brands in its portfolio, Royal MH counts more than 4000 clients in national range. We provide to them not only unique, top-quality foods but also free of charge refrigerators, for the time being of our mutual agreement, in order to facilitate their business needs and boost their performance.

In consumer food, our brands include “Sterilgarda”, “Tusce”, “Prealpi”, “Baroni”, “DalColle”, “Desantis”, “Dolci del Castello”, “Freddi”, “I Dolci di Montagna”, “Lameri”, “Panvivis”, “Piana Squizz”, “San Martino”, “Simens”, “Steriltom”, “Buitoni”. In Frozen Foods and Ice Creams, some of our brands are: “Buitoni”, “Ducale”, “Mage”, “Mars”, “McCain”, “Gelati Royal”, “Sammontana”, “Snickers”, “Zito Leb”.

The quality of our products has been in direct proportion to our commitment to excellence and that is why today, Royal MH, offers to its customers an unparalleled choice of foods, bringing the joy of healthy meals in every Albanian family. Doing business while doing good, is the core value of our company, making us proud of our work. This purpose alone leads us to always follow the same tradition of competence, passion and integrity.

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  • Iliria Road, 6th Kilometer in the secondary road of Tirana-Durrës Highway, Albania